Growing a startup involves a balance of growth through optimization and innovation

Optimization is about analyzing data and running experiments in order to produce more growth. Innovation, on the other hand, is about talking to your customers, identifying key insights, and building new products that deliver immense value to the customer. This essay expands on each method and how to balance both effectively. You can either click on this link (A Balanced Approach to Growth) or click on the image below.

Flywheels and how to create content communities

The unstoppable momentum of organic growth, driven by users creating new content in an online community, is what is often referred to as the “flywheel”. It's a highly desirable business model, and for good reason. Once a flywheel is established, not only does the product grow organically for an interminable amount of time, but the community itself tends to get very big, leading to a high-margin, high-value business.